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Nové číslo časopisu the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics

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Vyšlo letné číslo The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics /American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Inc., Summer 2013 Volume 41, Issue 2, Pages 386–534/, ktoré je zamerané na reformu pravidiel regulujúcich vedecký výskum s účasťou ľudských osôb v USA tzv. „common rule“

Obrazok V letnom špeciálnom čísle nájdete tieto články:

Symposium Articles

  • Revising the Common Rule: Prospects and Challenges (pages 386–389) - Leslie Meltzer Henry
  • What the ANPRM Missed: Additional Needs for IRB Reform (pages 390–396) - Charles W. Lidz and Suzanne Garverich
  • Outsourcing Ethical Obligations: Should the Revised Common Rule Address the Responsibilities of Investigators and Sponsors? (pages 397–410) - Seema K. Shah
  • Moral Gridlock: Conceptual Barriers to No-Fault Compensation for Injured Research Subjects (pages 411–423) - Leslie Meltzer Henry
  • Take Another Little Piece of My Heart: Regulating the Research Use of Human Biospecimens (pages 424–439) - Gail H. Javitt
  • Biobanking, Consent, and Certificates of Confidentiality: Does the ANPRM Muddy the Water? (pages 440–453) - Brett A. Williams and Leslie E. Wolf
  • Are Changes to the Common Rule Necessary to Address Evolving Areas of Research? A Case Study Focusing on the Human Microbiome Project (pages 454–469) - Diane E. Hoffmann, J. Dennis Fortenberry and Jacques Ravel
  • The Apomediated World: Regulating Research When Social Media Has Changed Research (pages 470–483) - Dan O'Connor
Independent Articles
  • Advance Directives, Dementia, and Physician-Assisted Death (pages 484–500) - Paul T. Menzel and Bonnie Steinbock
  • Caring for Elder Parents: A Comparative Evaluation of Family Leave Laws (pages 501–513) - Y. Tony Yang and Gilbert Gimm
  • Social Security Survivors Benefits: The Effects of Reproductive Pathways and Intestacy Law on Attitudes (pages 514–524) - Jason D. Hans and Martie Gillen
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule 2.0 (pages 525–528) - Mark A. Rothstein
  • Legal Responses to Communal Rejection in Emergencies (pages 529–534) - James G. Hodge Jr., Daniel G. Orenstein, Kim Weidenaar, Nick Meza, Laura Van Buren, Nick Wearne and Kristin Penunuri

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