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Nové číslo časopisu Journal of Medical Ethics

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Vyšlo nové júnové číslo Journal of Medical Ethics

Obrazok V novom júnovom čísle Journal of Medical Ethics /Journal of Medical Ethics-June 2013, Volume 39, Issue 6/  nájdete:

The concise argument

  • ADHD and stimulant drug treatment: what can the children teach us?- Erler, A. (dostupné online, otvorený prístup)

Feature article

  • Not robots: children’s perspectives on  authenticity, moral agency and stimulant drug treatments- Singh, I.  (dostupné online, otvorený prístup)


  • Accepting a helping hand can be the right thing to do- Caplan, A.


  • Might stimulant drugs support moral agency in ADHD children?- Hyman, S.E.
  • Commentary on Singh: Not Robots: children’s  perspectives on authenticity, moral agency and stimulant drug treatments- Rose, S. 
  • Victimology versus character: new perspectives  on the use of stimulant drugs in children- Singh, I. 

Current controversy

  • Is it a boy or a girl? Who should (not) know children’s sex and why?- Cutas, D.E., Giordano, S.
  • Financial compensation for deceased organ donation in China- Wu,X., Fang, Q.
  • Incentives for postmortem organ donation: ethical and cultural considerations- Ravitsky, V.

Clinical ethics

  • The attitudes of neonatal professionals towards end-of-life decision-making for dying infants in Taiwan- Huang,L.-C.,  Chen, C-H,  Liu,H-L, Lee,H-Y, Peng, N-H, Wang, T-M, Chang, Y-C
  • End-of-life decision making in Taiwan: healthcare practice is rooted in local culture and laws that should be adjusted to patients’ best interests- Tang, S.T.
  • Three myths in end-of-life care- Wilkinson, D.
  • Evaluation of factors that motivate participants to consent for non-therapeutic trials in India- Doshi, M.S.,  Kulkarni, S.P., Ghia, C.J., Gogtay, N.J.- Thatte, U.M.

Law, ethics and medicine

  • Commercial surrogacy: how provisions  of monetary remuneration and powers of  international law can prevent exploitation of  gestational surrogates- Ramskold, L. A. H., Posner, M. P.

Research ethics

  • Unrealistic optimism and the ethics of phase I - cancer research- Crites,J., Kodish, E.
  • Can phase I cancer research studies in children be justifi ed on ethical grounds?- Ekert, H.

Brief reports

  • A European consistency for functioning of RECs? We just lost our chance- Waligora, M.
  • Comprehension of a simplifi ed assent form in a vaccine trial for adolescents- Lee, s., Kapogiannis,B.G., Flynn, P.M., Rudy,B.J., Bethel, J., Ahmad,S., Tucker, D., Abdalian, S.E., Hoffman,D., Wilson, C.M., Cunningham, C.K.

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