Vyšlo nové číslo časopisu Medicine and Law | Medicínske právo


Vyšlo nové číslo časopisu Medicine and Law

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Vyšlo nové číslo časopisu Medicine and Law vol. 30 No. 2, June 20011, ktorý vydáva World Association for Medical Law. Z obsahu vyberáme:

- Peterková, H: Withdrawal and Withholding of Medical Treatment: Czech Medical Law at the Crossroads

- Gerovski, F.: Compliance With International Standards on Patients‘ Rights and Implementation of the Law on the Protection of Patients‘ Rights in the Republic of Macedonia

- Lupton, M.:  The Social, Moral & Ethical Issues Raised by Nanotechnology in the Field of Medicine

- Cannovo N.  et al. : Italian Ethical Committee Intervention in a Case of Embryo-Fetal Medicine

- Feuer, J: Relatively Speaking:  Halachic and Legal Issue of Gamete Donation

- Daly, B: Access to Abortion Services: The Impact of the European Convention on Human Rights in Ireland

- Tack, S: Can Hospitals Prohibit Euthanasia? An Analysis from a European Human Rights Perspective

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